Opening speech

16. 04. 2018

Dear competitors, tutors and visitors,

Welcome to a birthday party! The honoured person is Kocianka, our competition, and it is pretty old. For me, it is not only a highly noble lady, who is strongly settled in Czech culture, but even a kind grandma who always likes meeting skilful violinists every year.

She watches her offsprings to have grown up in a year, monitors which piece of the world they came from, shares their achievements and believe or not she is really sorry to see a little musician who is not lucky enough to reach his or her aims and dreams. However, Kocianka makes you smile much more often, evokes emotion to play beautiful music and follow your goal. It plays a role in an artistic growth, strengthens a violin relation and might help choose a profession in future.

While celebrating the honored person´s hands are shaken, gifts are being given, a birthday cake is being cut, sometimes a song is played and sung. Your present as an added competition value is your music art.

I am really looking forward to all of you performing on the competition stage. Moreover, I hope most of you will join the competition orchestra and play the Vivaldi concert to our jubilee Kocianka on the Saturday final concert. What we do get are presents for you and we might meet you around the birthday cake.

Dear Kocianka, I wish you all the best, a lot of pleasure and strong fitness in following years.

I wish all of you unforgettable experiences, not only in a musical field.

Yours sincerely

Lenka Lipenská
Competition Director