Seminar for teachers (Master Class)

Dear friends,

for this years competition we have prepared again educational course for teachers – Seminar and Masterclass. This years seminar it themed Czech violin school and it will be held by Mr Pavel Sporcl. Main focus of the Seminar will be on motivation of students, their artistic growth and some specifics of violin teaching. 

Attendees will receive a certificate.

Price of this course is 500 CZK. Please, use bank transfer for paying for this seminar – you can find all necessary information in the application. Please note: if your student is in the competition, the seminar is free for you, but you need to fill the application nonetheless. The deadline for applications is April 18th, 2018.


In case you want your student to be part of Masterclass with Mr. Sporcl (it is free for students), please fill the application for active participant. 

The seminar will be held in concert hall of Music school in Usti nad Orlici (full address Smetanova 1500, 56201) on May 10th 2018, from 2PM to 6PM.

Seminar for teachers: Czech violin school

In the seminar Pavel Sporcl will introduce Czech violin school with its representatives Josef Slavik, Ferdinand Laub, Frantisek Ondricek, Vasa Prihoda, Frantisek Drdla, Jan Kubelik, Jaroslav Kocian and Vaclav Snitil.

He will give you an entertaining story of legendary Czech violinists and teachers, who belonged to the world’s top notch. The program will be accompanied with a screening of photographs, musical excerpts, and moments from the lives of these extraordinary people.

Mr. Sporcl will share the knowledge he gained during his studies with Vaclav Snitil (who was a student of Jaroslav Kocian, who was a student of Otakar Sevcik) and also during recording CD My violin legends – violin pieces of Czech authors. (Supraphon 2013: Pavel Sporcl – violin, Petr Jirikovsky – piano).

Pavel Sporcl has spent year 2017 with traveling in footsteps of these famous violinists. He also wrote scripts for documentary series of Czech television. It was filmed at Czech republic, Austria, Ukraine, Russia and USA. The documentary will air in 2019.

Master Class

  • teacher: Pavel Sporcl
  • main focus: music of Czech authors
  • technical issues: left hand technique, creating tone, expressive elements

    1) left hand:

  • different kinds of vibrato (focus on 4th finger)
  •  finger motor skills, small movements of fingers above the string, small movements during shifting – both in order to improve technique in fast parts

2) right hand

  • creating tone (mainly down bow)

3) movements that combine bow movement and violin movement from left to right – for effective usage of long and short bowing

Application for Masterclass

Application for MasterClass 2018

Application active participant 2018


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