Organization rules

Young violinists up to the age of 16 years may take part in this Competition. The competitors are divided into following categories:

  • 1st category: year of birth 2011 and younger
  • 2nd category: year of birth 2010 and 2009
  • 3rd category: year of birth 2008 and 2007
  • 4th category: year of birth 2006 and 2005


  • The definite classification of the competitors will be determined by the year of birth.
  • The participants pay all travelling expenses, boarding and accommodation themselves. The Competition Secretariat ensures for competitors all advertising materials, place for rehearsals and service free of charge.
  • The international jury is appointed by the organizer according to the jury statue. The competitors have no right to present any objections against the composition of the jury.
  • The competition in the first category is one round, in the second, third and fourth category consists of two rounds. Both rounds are public.
  • The competitors of the first category will play the obligatory composition and their free (optional) composition, free program with a maximum length of 8 minutes. The order of compositions is arbitrary.
  • The first round in the second, third and fourth category is anonymous. Competitors will be announced by numbers and perform the obligatory composition. The jury will evaluate the best competitors who proceed to the second round. In the second round they will play the free (optional) program.
    The free program with a length:

    • 9 – 12 minutes in the 2nd category
    • 12 – 20 minutes in the 3rd category
    • 15 – 20 minutes in the 4th category
  • On exceeding this time limit the jury may stop the competitor even before he has finished his performance. Both the obligatory and the optional compositions have to be played by heart. The competitors play successively according to the lot numbers drawn before the opening of the respective category.
  • Drawing lots for the 1st round is conducted half an hour before the opening of the respective category. If the competitor does not come in time, he/she will not be allowed to compete.
    Drawing lots for the 2nd round will take place immediately after the announcement of the results for the 1st round of the respective category.
  • Max. 15 competitors who attain the limit stipulated for the first rounds by the jury proceed to the second round. Who do not proceed will receive a memorable Certificate of participation in KVC immediately at announcement of results. In the second round the jury is entitled to award the first to third prize and Certificate of merit of the first to third degree.
  • After the close of the whole Competition the jury will proclaim the absolute winner of the Competition who is authorized to use the title “Laureate of the Kocian Violin Competition”.
  • The jury is authorized to award some additional specific acknowledgements.
  • The prizewinners are obligated to take over their prizes at the Concert of Winners which includes the awards ceremony.
  • The organizers do not ensure piano accompaniment!