01. 01. 1970

The competition will take place in Jaroslav Kocian Music School in Usti nad Orlici.

It will be accompanied by the Kocian Usti music festival whose concert on May 5th, 2020 in Roškot theatre at 19.30 is free of charge for competitors after prior picking tickets up in the office of the competition.

The office of the competition and the registration of the participants are on the ground floor of the music school and are open:

Monday May 4th       12,00 – 18,00
Tuesday May 5th        8,00 – 18,00
Wednesday May 6th   8,00 – 17,00
Thursday May 7th       8,00 – 18,00
Friday May 8th            8,00 – 15,00

All enquiries should be made there.

Rehearsals are possible in the music school classrooms at the following times:

Monday May 4th       12,00 – 19,00
Tuesday May 5th         8,00 – 20,00
Wednesday May 6th    8,00 – 20,00
Thursday May 7th        8,00 – 20,00
Friday May 8th              8,00 – 15,00
Saturday May 9th         9,00 – 12,00

Follow the instructions of music school teachers on duty.

The drawing of lots takes place in the changing room at the backstage. Please notice that only competitors and their teacher or accompanists will be allowed there at the particular time.

The results will be announced 30 minutes after the end of each category.

The train connection can be found at:  


Kocian Violin Competition – Competition that goes beyond limits.