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Seminar for teachers

07. 03. 2024

Seminar for teachers (MasterClass)

Thursday 2nd May 2024, from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m., concert hall of Music School

During of Kocian Violin Competition a seminar will be held for violin teachers. The open lesson (masterclass) will be led by Prof. Jiří Fišer (Prague conservatoire), teacher of last year’s laureate Milan Kostelenec. He will demonstrate his way of teaching on advanced and pre-intermediate pupils and in the following commentary he will shed light on the background of his methods and ideas for effective teaching.

Increasing violin teachers´competence in the field of education and methodology of violin playing. Main topics of the public seminar will cover interpretation of a composition based on correct understanding of the score with respect to the pupil´s age. Personal consultation with the professor will focus on teaching practices. The professor will showcase his methods on players of intermediate and semi-intermediate skill. 

The seminar is approved by to the Accreditation Commitee of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports under the program of further education of teachers.

The price for the seminar for pedagogues is 700, – CZK.

Pedagogues who have their pupils registered for the Kocian Violin Competition 2024 are admitted free to the seminar. Please fill in the application form.

The seminar will be translated into English.


Jiří Fišer graduated from Plzeň Conservatoire in the class of Antonín Moravec. In 1971 he attended a master course given by Nathan Milstein. Between 1978 and 1985 he held the post of deputy leader of the Suk Chambre Orchestra. He then became first violinist of the Doležal Quartet. Since1996 Jiří Fišer has taught both at the Prague Music School and Prague  Conservatoire. The outstanding artistic achievements and competition successes of his pupils – Jan Mráček, Petra Vilánková, Petr Matěják, to name but a few – make him one of the most important violin teachers of our time.

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