Classification of competitors by the year of birth (according to the Organization rules)
1st category: year of birth 2011 and younger
2nd category: year of birth 2010 and 2009
3rd category: year of birth 2008 and 2007
4th category: year of birth 2006 and 2005

Compulsory compositions for the 63rd Kocian Violin Competition 2021
1st category:
Jaroslav Kocian: Melody op. 19, No. 1
(Bärenreiter Prague H 7874)
+ free program with a maximum length of 8 minutes

2nd category:
Antonin Dvorak: Romantic pieces op. 75, No. 1 and No. 2
repeat only the first repetition in both pieces
(Bärenreiter Prague BA 9576)
+ free program with a length of 9 – 12 minutes

3rd category:
Bedrich Smetana: From My Homeland (part 2)
(Bärenreiter Prague BA 9526)
+ free program with a length of 12 – 20 minutes

4th category:
Bohuslav Martinu: Five Madrigal Stanzas, H 297 No. 1, 2, 4 and 5
+ free program with a length of 15 – 20 minutes

Photocopying of sheet music is illegal and using photocopies for public performances is a violation of copyright and commercial law of the publisher. The performers assume all liability for any legal sanctions.

The deadline for submitting the entry form is February 28th, 2021.

Registration fee for participants from abroad is 60,- EUR and it is not refundable.

The registration fee must be paid to the following bank account by February 28th, 2021.

Name of bank account: Klubcentrum v Usti nad Orlici
Num.: 1320170329/0800
IBAN: CZ05 0800 0000 0013 2017 0329
to message for recipient: KVC and name of contestant

The Bank transfer fee is the responsibility of the participant.

Lochmanova 1400
562 01 Usti nad Orlici
Mr. Tomas Fiedler
competition secretary
+420 736 413 530

Jaroslav Kocian Music school
Smetanova 1500
562 01 Usti nad Orlici
Czech Republic
Mrs. Lenka Lipenska
competition director