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Laureate’s younger sister got her back!

The most famous sister duo in the history of the Kocianka Ragnhild and Eldbjörg Hemsing may soon have successors. After yesterday’s announcement of the results of the 66th edition, a continuance is at least possible!

Yesterday, Sora Lavorgna, winner of the 2nd category, was named the absolute winner. You would easily miss the ten-year-old girl in the crowd. However, even the top scorers in Friday’s finals of the third and fourth categories did not overtake the little French girl in points, although both finals were excellent.

Nina Rakočević of Serbia could have boldly aspired for the laureate title, as she had a chance to emulate last year’s laureate and the winner of the 3rd category, Lana Zorjan. The best of the fourth category, the American Aiden Yu, performed absolutely stunningly. 

Nevertheless, the joy of the French team erupted in the music school when the name of Wednesday’s winner was announced. This time, however, in the overall places! One of the first congratulations was delivered by the younger sister, Clea, winner of the second prize among the youngest. Will her name be announced as the laureate in a year, two, three, five, too? Nothing is impossible at Kocianka!