Kocianovo Ústí


Feeling good? Sure thing!

Stones, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix. New Woodstock? A return to the golden ’70s? Neither the one nor the other, it was “just” Pavel Šporcl who brought his new rock project Feeling Good to Ústí. And right after the name of the 66th Kocian Violin Competition laureate, Sora Lavorgna, was announced, the music lovers went to the Roškot Theatre for a real party. You would have searched in vain for an available seat; those who missed the pre-sale were out of luck.

The chairman of the expert jury, the competition’s patron and the festival’s artistic director, Pavel Šporcl, was born for such a show; as a genre “decathlete”, he is predestined for such stunts. He has already scored at Kocian Ústí with a gipsy ensemble, and now he has won the heart of “his” audience again. And not only with foreign big beats in a modern coat but also with Czech classics (Olympic, Karel Gott) and his own compositions. With Monday’s concert for the Year of Czech Music, Pavel Šporcl paid tribute to the classics…. and on Friday, again.